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Review: love food love fashion

By June 9, 2016review

We’ve had a lovely write-up from lovefoodlovefashion.com

Here is an extract:

“Anel prompted me to choose a nail colour for an Essie Gel Manicure (£35 for 45minutes).  All I can say is, my nails really, REALLY needed it.  She soaked and treated my nails, trimming the cuticles and filing them all down to one length and shape.  I am such a girl, there is nothing I love more than being pampered.  From start to finish, this nail treatment was superb and the gel has lasted a full 2 weeks.  Anel advised me to treat my nails daily with Essie’s cuticle oil, to ensure that they remain nourished.  As someone who normally paints their own nails, it was just lovely to be pampered and to have a treatment done properly, with care and attention.”

You can read the full review of our nail service here.

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